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Tania has been providing chair massage services to our company for years.

She is an excellent massage therapist - not only with respect to her technical skills but also her passion and sincere desire to help people feel better in the short AND long term. She takes a genuine interest in our employee's lives and remembers all the little details and even makes time to send us information relating to various health issues we've discussed with her. I highly recommend Tania!

Donna C.

Thank you Tania for coming to our office!

It was a great treat to have a shiatsu massage right in the office and so convenient I was surprised how just 20 mins in the chair relieved my stiff neck and shoulder. Hope the boss will treat us again with your services. We will be sure to let him know what a difference it made to our work day.

Fred Notzel
ArtX Sales

Tania has been coming to The Law Society of BC’s office for two years now.

I count on the monthly Shiatsu Massage Therapy sessions to keep my body healthy as it sits in front of a computer all day.

I personally have neck, wrist and arm issues and having this service come into my office complements my other self care regimes. I find that if I miss my sessions I notice the difference in my workplace health.

As a Shiatsu Massage Therapist Practitioner, Tania is amazing. Her commitment to taking care of her clients is immense and I highly recommend her services to other workplaces in Vancouver.

Katherine Potter, PLTC Program Co-ordinator
The Law Society of BC


Shiatsu Massage has made a world of difference to me.

I look forward to a weekly massage to "melt my stress". Making a Shiatsu Massage part of my weekly routine has made a world of difference to alleviating the feeling of tightness and stress that takes hold of my body. I truly feel like a "new person" at the end of each session and have noticed a huge difference in the way my body talks to me. I would recommend this stress reliever to anyone!

Terry Meredith
Parks and Recreation, Administration,
Delta City Hall, BC

While cycling I was hit by a car.

After three months of five-times-a-week physical therapy I regained 90% of body movement. However, my back did not fully recover. I couldn't walk or stand for more than two hours at a time, nor could lift anything over 20 lbs. This went on for about five years, until I met Tania Marshall and had two shiatsu sessions. Now I almost never give my back at second thought. I've become a firm believer in the healing power of shiatsu, and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Stuart Matthews


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