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Three useful physical relaxation techniques that can help you reduce muscle tension and manage the effects of the fight-or-flight response on your body. This is particularly important if you need to think clearly and perform precisely when you are under pressure.

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How to master stress

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This one page will guide you on planning and implementing a Wellness Program at your office.


Getting Started and Managing Active Living at Work Strategies

Aromatherapy and essential oil information source

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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Canada




Serving hearts
by Karen Menehan, Editor - Massage Magazine USA

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From the respected Massage Magazine - various research findings on the affects and benefits of massage Scroll down the page for links

What is Spinal Compression and What Causes It?

As you've likely experienced, most doctors are too busy treating the symptoms of back pain with treatment like anti-inflammatory medications, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and cortisone injections, and they simply ignore what is one of the biggest factors that contributes to back pain. This contributing factor is spinal compression...

From the moment we are born, our bodies are at the mercy of gravity, a force that continuously creates pressure and stress on all of our muscles, bones, joints and ligaments.

By far, the part of the body that is affected most by gravity is the spine. The combination of gravity and muscle imbalances shove the vertebrae together, pressing on the discs.

Insufficient distance between the vertebrae can result in nerve root pressure, which in turn causes pain.

Even the slightest increase in spacing can be enough to allow a herniated disc to pop back into place or relieve pressure from a compressed nerve. More >


What is Shiatsu?

Using massage to enhance well-being is a tradition that dates back to ancient China. The practice of touching specific points on the body was originally called anmo (anma by the Japanese). Over time, anma was dropped as a medical treatment and was used purely for pleasure and relaxation.

In the twentieth century, however, a group of practitioners recognized the value of anma in easing muscle tension and soothing various kinds of aches and pains. They began promoting the art as a way to treat illness and changed the name to shiatsu.

SWEAT: Benefits of Sweating

Sweat bathing--be it in the form of the Finnish sauna, the Russian bania, the Turkish hamman, or an American Indian sweatlodge-- is as common to the world as the baking of bread and the squeezing of the grape. The author spent three years traveling around the world, photographing, researching, and yes, enjoying many of these baths. More >



Half of Americans Pressed for Time; a Third Are Stressed Out - Work and children contribute to time, stress issues - by Lydia Saad



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